E2guardian 5.2.2

Written by Frédéric Bourgeois on .

Finally It's Christmas ! at least for the Web Filtering

We are proud to announce the availability of the v5.2.2 stable release.

Many, many thanks to all those who have tested, bug-checked and provided improvement suggestions for this new version.

This new version fixes a number of issues with previous releases and has updated documentation, it also fixes some gcc warnings (with -Wall enable)

E2guardian is now an ICAP Server, ICAP client, independent proxy (yes it can works without Squid now) and also a transparent proxy.

As ICAP client it was tested with Kaspersky and F-Secure antivirus.In data/scripts directory you can find a Dockerfile that helps you to create a Docker image and container engines. In data/scripts/ you can find a systemd starting script for Raspberry Pi (PI 3, PI 3 +, PI 2)