E2Guardian 3.2.0

Written by Frédéric Bourgeois on .

The latest release of E2guardian, version 3.2.0, has just been released.

This release is a major version resolving several issues found in the
prior E2guardian releases.

This release is now regarded as stable

Only required bug and security fixes will be applied in the v3.2.x point releases.

Some changes to be aware of:

  • SSLIMITM is now fully functional in explicit proxy mode
  • All the filtering options are migrated to the e2guardianfx.conf file(s), e2guardian.conf is now completely dedicated to the engine (timeout values, log format, AV engine, etc)
  • Maxuploadsize option removed as no longer used with e2guardian.conf
  • generatedlinkpath option removed as no longer used
  • monitorhelper option added - path of monitor helper script - allows feedback when system available and when cache not working
  • xforwardedforfilterip option added - restricts xforwardedfor to specified ip(s)
  • Improved performance during gentle restart
  • New feedback options for use with loadbalancers

And more ...

Summary of changes in this release (v3.2.0) can be found in

You are invited to upgrade to this release as soon as possible, but read
the config sample files before !
You can find the bugs fixes description here